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Equestrian Architecture

CJW Architecture specializes in the unique field of equestrian architecture; designing barns, arenas, service buildings and training facilities.  The starting point for every equestrian project is the health and safety of the horses balanced against the needs and comfort of the people who will use these facilities.  No matter what style of barn you desire three factors will be paramount to a CJW design, 1) Lots of natural light, 2) Lots of natural vertical ventilation, and 3) selecting the optimal site and position for the barn to take full advantage of light and wind patterns.


As life-long horse lovers, owners and riders we understand the unique needs for every type of equestrian facility.  Whether you need facilities for english or western riding disciplines we have the knowledge and experience to design the perfect equestrian facilities for you.  Our approach focuses on the complete management of the horses, light, ventilation, feed, water, waste, tack, equipment, arena, footing, pest control, turnout areas, trucks, trailers, people and the movement of all these elements on and off the property.  Great equestrian architecture makes horse management easier, more enjoyable and can save you money over a poorly designed facility.


There are three ways to build a barn.  You can order a pre-fabricated kit and have it delivered; you can hire a design-build contractor to provide a turn-key barn; or you can retain an equestrian architect who will provide a master plan and design the barn you really want.  The most important reason to hire an architect is to have an advocate to help you design the entire horse management system around you and your horses.  The other two approaches are simply selling you a product.


Every barn and arena is designed from scratch to fit the site, the owner, the types of horses, types of riders and the disciplines that need to be accomodated.  We know that the owner and trainer of dressage horses will have different arena needs than that of the hunter/jumper or reining rider.  Barns that need to accomodate stallions or birthing will require design considerations that an all mare/gelding barn would not require.  When you're not sure if your needs will change CJW Architecture can design a facility that can easily adapt with multi-purpose stalls and carefully thought out storage for all your equipment. 

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