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We approach each project as a unique opportunity to share our expertise and work with you on a solution that fits your needs. We do this through a well thought-out design process and a variety of services. We have many different clients with many different needs. For this reason, we offer a comprehensive set of services, including: Pre-Purchase Evaluations for residential and commercial projects, Planning, Programming, Budgeting and cost estimating, Computer-aided design, Modeling and rendering and Construction management.  

Listening to my client's thoughts, hopes and concerns for their future building draws out the underlying essence of my client's architectural goals and vision. - Carter Warr

Pre-Purchase Evaluation

Assessing the architectural potential and development cost of existing buildings or undeveloped land is a process that should be done with care between you and an architect.  Creating a vision for a space is what we do, so before you finalize a real estate investment, have your realtor contact CJW Architecture to request our pre-purchase evaluation services. A thorough evalaution of the site, existing buildings and neighborhood is the best way to understand both the potential and limitations of a property.  A proper evaluation requires in depth knowledge of local building codes, geology, home values, construction costs and techniques and the ability to listen.  Principle architect Carter Warr will meet you at the property and listen carefully to your needs to help evaluate whether a renovation can be accomplished within the guidelines of the building codes, zoning rules, and homeowner association limitations and if the project can be constructed within your budget goals.


A Pre-Purchase Evaluation is the best insurance that you're buying the right property for you and your family.


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Understanding your needs is the biggest component of good programming. We begin with questions, diagram analysis, relationship matrices, and picture books to assess your likes and dislikes. We refine the program with you, focusing on strategies that will produce the optimum end result for your project. By building specific algorithms, we efficiently collect and analyze data that is crucial to understanding the design parameters for different jurisdictions. Our analysis can be as comprehensive as including all building area requirements, or as specific as identifying a detail in construction that causes a problem, such as a leak in a building. Whatever your need, we have expert knowledge in evaluating this preliminary information and translating it into a tangible starting point for design.

Computer Aided Design

Hand drafted plans are attractive but not an efficent or accurate way to design and build your project. Our state-of-the-art computer aided design (CAD) software inlcudes online construction information libraries, and a project database to draft plans, insurring that everyone who works on your project is working on the same plan and the latest version. These systems enable CJW to work faster and more accurately, render life-like models and map the terrain of your property in order to work closely with the actual contours of your land. The use of Apple Macintosh* and Microsoft Windows*-based computers allows us to accommodate many different types of file formats and media for presentation. Using ArchiCAD* and AutoCAD*, we produce industry-standard computer-generated drawings. We pattern documents to drafting standards for ease of working with all of our consultants, or we can develop standards to suit your needs.

*Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.


As architects, we are excellent planners who can quickly identify opportunities and constraints to assess the viability of a project. Whether it’s a residential site walk prior to a purchase or a multi-acre site requiring various development solutions, we filter through a barrage of concepts, identify the best ideas, and help you make the right decisions.

Budgeting & Cost Estimating

The budget is one of the most important aspects of every project. We discuss, review, analyze, and adjust it throughout the project to ensure that we meet project scope and expectations. At the onset of a project, before design work begins, we evaluate the project goals and proposed budget to make sure that they complement each other. As the project evolves, we continually update the estimate of probable costs and communicate this information to you. Unlike many other architectural firms, we have the advantage of being experienced in construction as well as design. An expert knowledge of construction systems, construction components, and costs provides insight into sequencing and building systems, allowing you to receive the most value for your investment.

Modeling & Rendering

Although a two-dimensional drawing is great for architects and builders, sometimes you need another representation of the project to visualize the design solution. In addition to rendering drawings, our staff is skilled at model-making and using CAD tools to better communicate certain aspects of a design. A three-dimensional representation of a project can often help in project approval. With today’s difficult jurisdictional design review, a model or rendering can help architectural review boards evaluate project details, expedite feedback, and get to the root issues more quickly. This can result in savings for you and an increased understanding of the design.

Construction Management

Our background of more than 85 years of combined construction experience allows us to provide a comprehensive approach to the development and completion of your project. Having professional experience as contractors as well as an intimate understanding of construction project management and standards, we are proactive in our approach to this phase of the project. Our inspection schedule, approved by most local authorities, helps reduce special inspections and project costs. This experience as an owner’s representative means that we have your best interests in mind to ensure that the project runs on time and on budget, and most of all is a success.


Having CJW Architecture provide Construction Management is the best guaratee that the home you designed with us, is the home that get's built for you.

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