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Atherton - 12 Horse Barn

This big barn does it all, maintains a more enviroinmentally friendly presence while creating the architectural icon that will be the center-piece of your equestrian facilities. This concept design can be adjusted to fit a variety of owner requirements.  The open interior design is like that of a raised center aisle barn which allows for complete vertical ventilation, yet with a simplified roof this design is easier and less expensive to construct.  The continuous ridge skylight system uses diffused glass to provide lots of natural light without the heat buildup associated with clear glass sky lights. The skylights are operable, using electric servo motors to adjust vertical ventilation of the entire barn.  Horse stalls are kept to one end of the barn with feed and bedding stored near the center for easy access and short trips.  Wash stalls and medical stall are located at the opposite end of the barn in a quieter space.  The medical stall can easily serve as a shoeing space, stallion stall or isolation stall, and shower stalls can be converted to standard horse stalls or flex stalls that can open up to create a birthing stall.  Rubber pavers in the center aisle allow for natural drainage while providing a classic interior look and excellent traction and cushioning for shod horses. 


Roof eaves are approximately 9 feet from the ground comfortably accommodating a 18-hand horse.  9 foot high doorways are comfortable for a horse and rider. The 10 foot wide center aisle provides generous drive-in access for a tractor and ATVs.



• Elegant shellac finished interior with rustic square log and shingle siding

• Optional Ply-Boo bamboo beams and roof sheathing, the sustainable choice
• Full service spaces
• 10 foot center aisle allows for horses to pass, easy tractor access & tractor storage
• Configurations with 12-14 12x12 stalls

• Yoke stall doors (sliding or swinging)

• All Lucas Equine Equipment for stalls, stalls doors, accessories and breezeway doors
• Fully permeable aisle and stall surfacing for natural drainage
• Continuous ridge skylight

• Vertical ventilation

• Handcrafted exterior copper lighting or traditional barn lights

• 2 indoor wash stalls
• Tack room with lounge area for guests and meetings
• Hay & bedding storage with room for ATV & Tractor access
• Laundry
• Tool storage
• Separate Office
• Bathroom

• Metal roof with full plywood deck

• Optional thickened roofing underlayment to reduce rain noise

• Roof can accommodate solar panels

• Optional Rainwater storage tanks can be added

• Fits within maximum size guidelines for Town of Woodside



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